Finding unexpected blessings through the Free Housing Program offered by Melinda’s employer, McKendree Village.

Melinda Flahardy has been a loyal employee of McKendree Village for two years, starting as a receptionist and transitioning into laundry, now working in housekeeping. She first heard about the Free Housing Program through other employees and was grateful for the opportunity it presented. Unexpected heart surgery left Melinda and her husband struggling financially, eventually losing their house. The opportunity for free housing has been a blessing for them, and Melinda cannot express her gratitude enough.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity,” Melinda said. “I absolutely feel more connected to the company, and I think it’s amazing that we offer something like this.”

The only challenge Melinda faced was the moving process, as they had a significant number of possessions. But overall, she finds the program to be excellent and thinks it’s amazing that her company offers such a benefit to its employees.

This was the first time Melinda had ever been offered anything like this, and she highly recommends it to any employees who could participate.

Melinda’s story is a testament to the benefits of free housing for employees. It provides financial relief and strengthens the bond between the employee and their company.

Trousdale Living Communities is committed to providing exceptional services to our residents and maintaining a supportive work environment for our employees. We offer a range of benefits to our staff, including our Free Housing Program that provides financial relief and strengthens the bond between our company and employees. We are proud to support our employees like Melinda Flahardy, who found unexpected blessings through our Free Housing Program after facing financial hardship. TLC strives to provide opportunities that improve the lives of our employees and enrich our community.



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