After several complications with right-foot surgery for ulcer formation, Steve, 48, came to Friendship Village on November 8th, 2022. He was a police officer for many years, but this event left him unable to work. When arriving at Friendship Village, Steve was non-weight bearing, experiencing high pain, general weakness/deconditioning and poor balance. A large barrier kept Steve from returning home: 28 steps that he had to be able to ascend/descend.

Plan of Care

We immediately began Physical Therapy with Steve to regain his strength, balance, endurance, mobility, and independence with transfers. After his weight bearing precautions were lifted, Steve needed to wear a cam boot to begin ambulating. We made this the prime focus as it was his largest barrier to return home.

Therapy worked closely with nursing to manage his pain and provide him the best environment possible for success. We included stair training, obstacle negotiation during ambulation, strengthening, balance training, mobility education, and even trialed a set-up “fall” to ensure that he was fully prepared for anything upon return home.


Steve was discharged with home health services on February 28th, 2023, and was able to independently navigate all 28 steps.

About Friendship Village

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