Many of us aspire to build a successful career in healthcare within growth-oriented companies that provide career advancement, creating a successful environment to achieve professional goals. However, the path to career growth can be uncertain and challenging, especially in a competitive job market like the medical field. This is where a supportive and growth-oriented workplace can make all the difference. To gain insights into how Trousdale Living Communities fosters internal career growth and professional development, we interviewed one of our employees who is advancing their career within our organization.

Demarkus Montgomery began his journey at Friendship Village as an STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) in June 2020, seeking a stable job to provide for himself and his family. Before joining our team, Demarkus held various diverse positions, including working in factories, remodeling homes, and temporary services. However, his passion for healthcare, nursing, and helping others remained constant.

“I’ve always wanted to become a doctor or a nurse,” said Demarkus in our interview.

Little did he know that he’d soon be pursuing his passion.

“Moving up in the company sort of happened by chance, from coming to work and showing interest in advancement,” he said. “Then I was asked to try out being the Regional Scheduler, and I have been since.”

Demarkus Montgomery

In his current role, Demarkus oversees the scheduling needs of Friendship Village in Dayton, OH, and its sister facilities and provides training for new schedulers.

When asked about career progression, Demarkus expressed gratitude for the help and loyalty that Friendship Village has shown him and for opening the door for him to complete nursing school.

“Anyone who wants to further their healthcare career has the opportunity to do so within our company,” he said. “If you are willing to put in the work, you can overcome any boundaries.”

Demarkus sets no ceiling for what he wants to accomplish and is currently working and attending school to become an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) with hopes of eventually becoming a Registered Nurse. He acknowledges that it takes immense effort to achieve these goals and that nothing is given to him. “Staying positive and putting in the work” is his mantra.

“Being involved in various aspects of the day-to-day operations has given me valuable insights on how things run and must come together,” Demarkus said when asked how his current job has prepared him to take on greater responsibility. “Every day I learn something new or another way to accomplish things; Leadership skills that will be used as my career progresses, being able to listen and apply what others have to say, and to just be someone others can count on.”

“In this journey of life, we never know where we will end up or what we will be doing.  One day, things could be going the way we planned them, and the next, it all turned the opposite.  Being able to do what I do at Friendship Village and for our company has been a blessing and I believe a divine intervention of sorts. All the necessary tools needed for anyone to progress in their life or healthcare career path are provided within our company. I am very appreciative and thankful to work for such a company.”

At Trousdale Living Communities, our commitment to fostering internal career growth is evident through Demarkus’s journey, and it doesn’t stop here. Our dedication to providing opportunities and supporting our employees’ career goals is what makes us an ideal workplace for those seeking career growth and advancement within the healthcare industry.

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