Betty hoped to regain her strength at our rehabilitation unit after falls and weakness so she can return to her assisted living apartment at Friendship Village. Bouncing back to her bubbly self, she was staying motivated through it all which led to a remarkable recovery.


Betty Anderson-Hull, 78, resided in Friendship Village‘s assisted living facility. She began having frequent falls, increased confusion, and significant weakness within a 2-week period. She was sent to the hospital on 3/27/23 due to these issues and then was discharged to the rehabilitation unit at Friendship Village to regain her strength and function in hopes of returning to her assisted living apartment.

Plan of Care

Our Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapist evaluated Betty immediately to create a personalized plan of care with the goal to return home independently. Upon arrival, Betty was transferring with maximal assistance, required moderate to maximal assistance to bathe/dress, and demonstrated periods of confusion; all of which impacted her safety. Day by day Betty showed improvement in all areas and quickly returned to her previous bubbly & spunky self. By the time of discharge, Betty was transferring with supervision, dressing/bathing independently, and bringing herself to the therapy gym each day with a smile on her face. Betty is a great example of how quickly someone can bounce back when motivated and she will be greatly missed by our rehab team!


Betty discharged home 4/19/23

“We’re all in this together”

- Betty Anderson

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