Joyce, 59, experienced a sudden increase in heart rate and difficulty breathing at her home on June 16, 2023. She promptly dialed 911 and emergency services transported her to Miami Valley Hospital, where medical professionals admitted her with respiratory failure.

She endured a month-long hospital stay, which involved an array of tests and scans. Her symptoms worsened, leading to her reliance on 5L o2. During this period, Joyce’s physical condition began to deteriorate, and she grappled with the discouraging thought that her life as a nurse might never return to normal.

Joyce embarked on a new chapter in her recovery journey when she was transferred to Friendship Village for specialized skilled nursing and rehabilitation services on July 17, 2023.

Plan of Care

Our team of Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists intervened immediately upon admission, commencing evaluations, setting long & short-term goals and educating Joyce and the staff on energy conservation, required assist levels and breathing techniques.

She was on a puree diet with thickened liquids, required 5L of oxygen, and was dependent on staff for transfers, dressing, bathing and bed mobility tasks.

On the day of her PT evaluation, Joyce began to cry when she was unable to get to the edge of bed with the assistance of our therapists.

It was at this moment that our therapy director, Josie, delivered the encouraging message:


“Remember the difficulty you’re feeling right now, because when you walk out of here in a few weeks, you will realize the progress you have made.”

This statement motivated Joyce more than we could have imagined! Each day she made strides towards independence and set goals for herself to reach with each session. She came to the therapy gym day after day with a smile on her face, and always cheered on her peers as they reached milestones in their care.

Collaborating with the nursing staff, our therapy team effectively scheduled her medication and breathing treatments, optimizing her therapy tolerance and overall progress.


By the time Joyce bid farewell to Friendship Village, she had successfully transitioned back to a regular diet, reduced her oxygen dependency to 2L, achieved over 50 feet of independent walking, began transferring independently and mastered all her daily living tasks unaided.

Joyce was discharged home on September 7, 2023.

Our team will undoubtedly miss Joyce’s constant positivity, her beaming smile, and the unwavering motivation she brought to our community.

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