William was unable to get out of bed due to extreme back pain on March 7th, 2023. He attempted to alleviate the discomfort by taking pain medication, stretching and taking things slowly. Over the next six months, the intermittent pain intensified, leading the 74-year-old to seek medical attention.

Upon consultation, his primary physician prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication, but these offered no relief. A subsequent MRI revealed bulging at L4 and L5 of the spine, prompting attempts to manage the pain through spinal epidurals. These were also unsuccessful.

Further scans before a planned surgery uncovered not only the persisting bulging, but also a new concern – spinal stenosis. In response, William was admitted to Miami Valley Hospital on 11/2/23 for a crucial spinal fusion at L4 and L5.

Plan of Care

Post-surgery, William’s next step toward recovery involved admission to Friendship Village. The collaborative efforts of the Physical and Occupational therapy team commenced the day after his admission. When evaluated, William required maximal assistance for basic movements, struggling with bed mobility, transfers and even taking more than two steps. Additionally, bathing and dressing was a challenge due to heightened tension and pain.

Within just a few days, he was making remarkable progress. William gradually achieved greater independence, maneuvering himself to and from the bathroom and even covering the 50-foot walk to the therapy gym, assisted by a contact guard. Each day he made gains towards his goals, and always put his best foot forward when it came to his therapy treatments.


William was discharged back home with his wife on 11/17/23. He not only walked more than 150 feet independently, but also managed his activities of daily life with ease. The once challenging task of ascending and descending stairs now saw William confidently navigating 10 steps at a time.

William’s Perspective

In reflecting on his recovery journey, William said, “the staff at Friendship Village encouraged me to push forward.” This encouragement, combined with his determination, transformed what seemed like an uphill battle into a triumphant success story.

William’s recovery from spinal fusion highlights the pivotal role of specialized care and rehabilitation. His story stands as a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges, while emphasizing the importance of expert support.

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