Steve made his first recovery at Friendship Village in February 2023, recovering from surgery for Charcot foot, which is a condition weakening bones and tissues, leading to wound formation.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn as the bones in his foot shifted, necessitating another surgery and months in a fixator, completing non-weight-bearing sessions.

Like before, Steve faced the challenge of ascending/descending 28 steps to return home.

Plan of Care:

Therapy resumed immediately post-fixator removal, with Steve requiring moderate assistance for transfers and ADLs, coupled with increased pain during weight-bearing. Complications arose—swelling, ill-fitting inserts, and struggles with putting on shoes. Undeterred, our team, in collaboration with Steve’s surgeon, devised solutions.

Through persistent problem-solving, modifications, and interval training, progress became evident each day. On the first day of a continuous 28-step trial, Steve surpassed expectations by completing 29 steps, exceeding the original goal set.


Steve achieved independence and was discharged home on 11/16/23, marking another triumphant chapter in his rehabilitation journey.

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