Our Resident’s Story

Willie, 92, began to feel progressively weak and lost her appetite over a few days while at home at our Independent Cottages at Friendship Village. She tried to make an appointment with her Primary Physician, but was unable to, resulting in her wisely going to the emergency room.

The ER found that Willie’s hemoglobin, the protein contained in red blood cells that relay oxygen to the tissues, was low and that she was anemic. She was admitted to Friendship Village’s Rehabilitation Program for Skilled Therapy and Nursing Services on November 20th, 2023, in hopes of returning home independently.

Rehabilitation Plan of Care

Our Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy teams evaluated Willie the next day and set a plan of action and goals for her to reach before returning home to our cottages. Upon arrival, she was unable to walk and required maximal assistance with getting out of bed and transferring to/from the wheelchair.

After our Nursing team educated Willie on her medications, she realized that she wasn’t taking them on the schedule that was prescribed.

She also worked with our dietician to select healthy meal options that she enjoyed and said she would continue at home.

Each day, Willie pushed herself to improve her endurance, strength, balance, mobility, and overall health. She reached milestone after milestone each week and soon was informed that a discharge date was set for her to go home.

Rehabilitation Success

Willie was discharged home independently on December 14th, 2023, independently walking 75-foot trials with a four-wheeled walker, transferring independently, and completing all her activities of daily living without assistance.

Would I recommend Friendship Village to someone else? Yes!

Would I return if I needed to? Yes! The staff here is wonderful, and they have the best food!

– Willie

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