Gardens of Oakley, renowned for its commitment to exceptional senior care, proudly welcomes Karrie Owens as their new Administrator. With a profound dedication to enhancing the lives of elderly individuals, Karrie brings a wealth of experience and a heartfelt passion to her role.

“I’m excited to lead a team that is committed to cultivating a positive living experience for our residents,” said Karrie. “We aim to provide them with the social connections vital to human well-being, along with the necessary staffing support and enriching activities.”

Karrie’s Journey into Senior Care

Karrie’s journey into the senior care industry began in her youth, ignited by her profound empathy for the elderly.

“I loved hearing the stories of the elderly at a young age,” says Karrie. “Realizing they worked their whole life to buy a house, raise children, only to end up living in a senior community with very little. My goal was to see how I could brighten their day and make their home the happiest place possible under my care.”

Her extensive background includes roles as an STNA, EMT/Firefighter, paramedic, and Registered Nurse. Now, she’s a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Certified Case Manager, Infection Control Preventionist for LTC, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and CALL Specialist for Assisted Living Communities.

Driven by a desire to address the gaps in care for the Medicaid population, Karrie is determined to create an environment where all residents feel valued and supported. Drawing from her extensive experience and insightful observations from past roles, she aspires to foster a culture of engagement and empowerment at Gardens of Oakley.

“Many have worked their whole lives and, in order to continue this life, they need Medicaid and cannot find places to serve them. All need care, love and support from their caregivers.

“I’ve experienced working under administrators in the past who weren’t proactive in engaging with residents or staff. My goal is to be the kind of Administrator known by all staff and residents, someone they feel comfortable approaching when they have concerns. This approach helps avoid unnecessary calls to ODH and demonstrates my commitment to resolving issues internally and keeping my promises.”

– Karrie Owens

Karrie’s Vision for Gardens of Oakley

Karrie was drawn to Gardens of Oakley for several reasons. During her initial tour, she was struck by the residents’ happiness and warm welcome, with many expressing their love for the community.

Such a high level of resident satisfaction was unusual and indicative of a caring team. Karrie also noted the strong support and responsiveness of both the regional and corporate teams. 

Gardens of Oakley Exterior in Cincinnati, Ohio

In terms of strengths, she highlighted the team’s genuine desire to improve and create a positive living environment for residents.

However, Karrie also identified areas for improvement, particularly in developing processes to align with new regulations and staffing needs, a challenge faced by many communities in the industry.

Karrie envisions a vibrant future for Gardens of Oakley, aiming to see all 202 beds occupied with adequate staffing to meet residents’ needs. She emphasizes the importance of life enrichment activities to foster social connections, recognizing the innate human need for meaningful interactions.

Additionally, Karrie highlights the implementation of “PROUD moments” as part of their staff appreciation initiative. These moments involve team leaders acknowledging exceptional efforts by staff members within their departments, followed by email notifications to the entire staff to recognize and appreciate their contributions.

The goal is to inspire others to emulate these commendable actions and foster a culture of appreciation and recognition within the community.

Karrie outlines her strategies for enhancing community engagement and forming partnerships by initiating discussions with local businesses, community centers, and churches to explore potential interactions with residents. Additionally, she plans to promote the growth and reputation of Gardens of Oakley by representing the facility at conferences such as OHCA and OALA. Furthermore, she intends to engage with local hospitals to address industry changes and strengthen connections within the community.

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