Finding the perfect Continuing Care facility is an emotionally significant decision, as it involves the well-being and comfort of yourself or your loved ones. It’s natural to feel a deep sense of concern and responsibility, wanting nothing but the best in terms of meeting their needs, ensuring quality care, and providing a nurturing living environment.

To guide you through this search, we have curated a list of vital questions that will touch upon crucial aspects like location, staffing, medical care, amenities, and cost.

By asking these questions, we hope to evoke a sense of assurance and compassion, allowing you to make an informed choice that will bring comfort and peace of mind to both you and your loved ones.


    • Is the facility located in a safe and convenient neighborhood?
    • How close is it to family, friends and social support networks?
    • Are there any specific amenities or attractions nearby?


    • What is the staff-to-resident ratio? Will there be enough caregivers available to provide personalized attention?
    • Are staff members certified, licensed and adequately trained to handle different levels of care?
    • Do they have specialized staff for memory care, if needed?

Building Layout

    • Is the facility well-maintained and designed for senior living needs?
    • Are there safety features in place, such as handrails, emergency call systems and wheelchair ramps?
    • Are common areas and living spaces designed to promote socialization and engagement?

Level of Medical Care

    • What types of medical services are available on-site and are they accessible 24/7?
    • How are medical emergencies handled, and what is the facility’s protocol for hospital transfers?
    • Are there skilled nursing services for residents with complex medical needs?

Room Size

    • How spacious are the rooms or apartments? Are they suitable for your needs and personal belongings?
    • Are private and shared room options available?
    • Can you personalize your living space with furniture and decorations?


    • What types of recreational and social activities are offered? Are they tailored to individual interests and abilities?
    • Does the facility have a calendar of events and outings that promote engagement and mental stimulation?
    • Are there opportunities for physical exercise and fitness programs?


    • What amenities are available on-site, such as dining options, libraries, gardens, or fitness centers?
    • Are there beauty salons, barbershops or spas within the facility?
    • Is there internet access and cable TV available in each room?

Base Price (What’s Included)

    • What is the base price, and what services and amenities are included in the basic package?
    • Are there additional charges for specialized care, medication management, or therapy sessions?
    • Is there a fee structure for levels of care, and how often are the rates adjusted?

Distance from Medical Services

    • How far is the facility from hospitals, clinics, and specialists?
    • Is transportation provided for medical appointments, and is there a cost associated with it?


    • Does the facility provide transportation for shopping, social outings and medical appointments?
    • Is there an additional cost for transportation services?
    • Are there any restrictions or limitations on transportation availability?

Overall Cost

    • What are the additional costs beyond the base price, such as utilities, housekeeping or laundry services?
    • Is there a fee structure for different levels of care, and how often do the fees increase?
    • Are there any financial assistance programs, long-term care insurance options or payment plans available?

Making the decision to find the perfect continuing care facility is an emotional journey that requires thorough research and consideration.  By asking these questions, we hope to evoke a sense of assurance and compassion, allowing you to make an informed choice that will bring comfort and peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. Remember to tour different facilities, talk to staff and residents, and evaluate the options based on your specific needs and preferences.

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