Happy Employees

It’s like coming home every day when coming to work.  We are one big family here at the Palms.

- Kelsey Whidden

The Palms

I have been here over 39 years. I love helping the residents and I love this company.

Tammy Angeletti

It’s satisfying being able to assist families with community resources for there loved ones

Wesley Wall

I enjoy working for Friendship Village because I adore my residents. I also enjoy working here because I love the staff, especially Management Staff. We all have a great rapport and work as a team together, which makes caring for our residents a much more enjoyable task. 

Teresa Calton

Housekeeping / Laundry Manager, Friendship Village

I enjoy being a huge part of assisting families and staff growing as a family. Helping others grow skills from learning the basics to becoming personally their best self in whatever they wish to become.

Shelley Walls

I started working here in 2007 out of necessity. It has been a choice to stay because the culture of family runs deep at Friendship Village. The residents and staff become like family. It truly is a privilege to come to work each day and serve the residents.

Elaine Walter

Executive Administrative Assistant, Friendship Village

My name is Demarkus and I work for Friendship Village.  What I really enjoy about coming to work every day is the impact and relationships I have developed with both the residents and the staff.  Finding someone that that they can trust to share their issues with, and someone they can rely on, makes what I do worthwhile.  This is a wonderful place to work, and I see nothing but positive and great things in the future for Friendship Village A Trousdale Foundation.

Demarkus Montgomery

Health Center Scheduler, Friendship Village.

Why I Love Friendship Village –My Supervisors saw the potential in me and encouraged me to learn, nurtured my growth and have given opportunity to advance internally throughout the organization. The bonds I have formed here are life long and there is a closeness that can only be described as a feeling of family. The work is rewarding knowing you make a difference in someone’s life each and every day.

Jessica Manis

Business Office Manager, Friendship Village

I enjoy working at Friendship Village because of the family atmosphere among staff and residents. Everyone from hourly employees to management works as a team to ensure we give our residents the quality of service they deserve.

Nancy Shinn

Dining Services Manager, Friendship Village