Our Story

‘The Palms of Sebring’ name was coined back in 1977, due to all the palm trees around the location and because the owners at the time wanted it to be ‘The Retirement Community under the sun’. The property has a rich history, which began in 1961 when The Sebring Hotel was repurposed as a retirement residence. Later in the swinging 60s, a 54-bed nursing facility was built and named ‘The Contrell Memorial Nursing Home’. In 1977, a new 24-unit apartment building was constructed. Since then, the apartment building and nursing facility have been enlarged, along with an eight-story residence tower completed in 1985 with further capacities for Independent and Assisted Living. This includes the Poinsettia Apartment building, all collectively making up The Palms of Sebring property.

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Located in beautiful downtown Sebring, Florida, ‘The Palms of Sebring’ is the only Continuing Care Retirement Community in the area. Our residents describe us as caring, compassionate, clean and friendly place to live. We offer Step-up units, as well as Step-down units. From Homecare, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Independent Living, The Palms of Sebring offers it all in one large campus facility as a Post-Acute Care Network. This allows residents to feel a familiar sense of home as they age and enjoy their lives through their golden years without the need of relocation as their care needs increase or change.

With nurses and medical staff, administration, service support staff and caregivers, The Palms of Sebring employs 300 friendly faces who work as a cohesive team to make resident attention and satisfaction their top priority. We also love being active in the Sebring community, including hosting The Apple Festival, Dining with the Doctors and more. Our longest resident has been part of The Palms of Sebring family for nearly 20 years, and one of our nurses originally worked here when we were known as the Contrell Memorial Nursing Home back in the 1960’s and still resides on site. Our residents deserve, and receive, the best, most professional and compassionate care we can provide at The Palms of Sebring.

All your needs, with all our hearts.