The Hard Questions

When is it time to consider long-term care for a parent/relative?

This is a hard decision to make, but it’s also one of the most important decisions you can make for the continued health and care of a family member. Many of the signs a family member cannot maintain safely living in their current residence due to injury, capability or chronic disease are easy to see, as they’re physical limitations. While other signs aren’t as obvious, such as mental or memory issues which cause them not to eat correctly or miss taking daily medications. Plus, there are emotional and social factors that can impact a senior living alone that aren’t as visible.

How much does senior living cost?

As with anything, the cost of senior living depends upon the care level required, the room size needed and the additional services required for the senior, based upon their level of physical and mental wellness. Different geographical locations of Trousdale Living Communities also have different pricing and service structures. Contact the facility you’re interested in, and they’ll be able to provide you pricing based on the individual needs of your loved one.

What should I look for when considering a continuing care facility?
  • Location
  • Staffing
  • Building layout
  • Level of medical staff
  • Room Size, is it adequate?
  • Activities
  • Amenities
  • What comes at base price, what services are additional/optional?
  • Distance from closest hospital/family doctor
  • Transportation
  • Cost