Rose, a resilient 97-year-old female, found herself on the path of rehabilitation following a recent hospitalization due to acute ischemia. This article delves into Rose’s extraordinary journey, emphasizing the pivotal role of Meredith Dixon and Ricardo Gutierrez, her main therapists, in guiding her towards recovery and safely discharging her back to her Assisted Living Facility (ALF).

Patient Background

Rose’s story begins with a hospitalization prompted by Altered Mental Status (AMS) persisting for three days. A CT scan revealed acute ischemia and encephalomalacia in the right occipital/temporal region. These neurological challenges had taken a toll on Rose’s endurance and balance reactions, making it unsafe for her to navigate challenges to her balance independently.

Rehab Plan of Care

Rose’s rehabilitation journey kicked off under the expert guidance of therapists Meredith Dixon and Ricardo Gutierrez. A comprehensive plan of care was tailored to address her unique needs. The focus was on improving endurance, restoring balance reactions and ensuring Rose’s ability to react safely to various challenges.

The plan involved a combination of targeted exercises, mobility drills and activities designed to enhance her cognitive and physical abilities. The therapists provided a supportive environment, adapting the plan as needed to accommodate Rose’s progress and challenges.


After three weeks of dedicated rehabilitation, Rose not only met but exceeded expectations, achieving between 75% to 90% of the goals set for her. The targeted efforts in endurance and balance training yielded remarkable results. Rose regained her ability to navigate daily challenges safely.

Meredith Dixon and Ricardo Gutierrez’s collaborative and personalized approach played a pivotal role in Rose’s success. The therapists not only addressed the physical aspects but also provided emotional support, fostering a positive mindset crucial for rehabilitation.

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