An incredible journey from significant injury to independence at Friendship Village. See how our customized plan of care helped her regain mobility and strength, leading to her successful discharge home with minimal assistance.



Margiebelle came to Friendship Village on January 27th, 2023 following a fall at home which left her with several fractured ribs, high pain, a heightened fear of falling, general weakness, impaired balance, and poor overall mobility. Upon arrival she required maximal assist with bed mobility, transfers, bathing, toileting, dressing, and was unable to ambulate. However, she was motivated and insistent that she would return home independently.

Plan of Care

Our team customized a plan of care for Margiebelle to meet her needs and maintain the schedule she had at home. Therapy worked closely with nursing staff to ensure she received her pain medication prior to therapy to increase her tolerance for activity and promote progression with each treatment. Each day our OT team was there to assist Margiebelle with her daily grooming, bathing, and dressing tasks, giving her tips and tools to promote her independence in each task.


Following her OT treatment, she began working with PT to strengthen her legs, increase independence with transfers, and began walking further and further each day. Within weeks she was ambulating with a walker over 150 feet, transferring with stand by assist, walking up/down 5 steps, and was able to complete her activities of daily living with minimal assistance. By 2/16/23 Margiebelle discharged home with home health and occasional help from her daughter and family friends.

About Friendship Village

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