Ruby, 98, came to Friendship Village on January 19th, 2023 from our assisted living facility following a fall, dehydration, and overall deconditioning. Ruby spent 5 days in the hospital after her fall and was highly motivated to regain her function to return home to her apartment, as she was very active physically and in the community. Upon arrival Ruby required moderate assistance with bed mobility, transfers, activities of daily living, and could only tolerate walking 15 feet before requiring a rest break.

Plan of Care

Our therapy team sprang into action, creating a treatment plan customized to Ruby and her active lifestyle. We utilized fun treatment strategies to challenge Ruby’s balance and strength in a way that she enjoyed. Each day a goal was set for her ambulation distance which she strived to achieve, and often exceeded. Our team also completed a home assessment with Ruby to point out any risk factors present and ensure a safe discharge.


Ruby was able to return home to her ALF on 2/16/23 independent with activities of daily living, ambulation and transfers.

About Friendship Village

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