A Remarkable Journey of Recovery and Resilience at Heartland Country Village


Sarah Harrison, a spirited and spunky 94-year-old, arrived at Heartland Country Village in April after a prolonged hospital stay due to Covid pneumonia. During her hospitalization, Sarah’s oxygen requirements peaked at 8L. Upon admission to Heartland, she had only 3L oxygen and her strength, endurance and overall health were severely compromised. Undeterred by these challenges, Sarah committed herself to a rigorous rehabilitation program with the ultimate goal of returning to her independent lifestyle.

Spirit, Strength and Endurance

Upon arrival at Heartland, Sarah displayed poor strength and endurance. Our dedicated team worked collaboratively with Sarah to improve these aspects of her health. Through focused breathing techniques and energy conservation strategies, Sarah successfully stabilized her oxygen levels and reduced her heart rate. With persistent effort and determination, she gradually weaned off oxygen and now only requires occasional use, typically after intense therapy sessions. Simultaneously, the skilled nursing staff at Heartland diligently addressed Sarah’s medical needs, fostering hope for her desired return home.

Sarah’s vibrant personality is contagious, eliciting smiles from everyone around her. She shares fascinating stories from her past, including a particularly memorable incident during her tenure as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 1977. Sarah vividly recalls the astonishing day when an elephant unexpectedly found its way into a local nursing home. She laughs as she says, “people from all over the world came to talk to us.” Even though it sounds incredulous and you think “this can’t be true,” Sarah’s account stands as a testament to the colorful experiences she has encountered throughout her life.

A Welcoming Environment

When asked about her stay at Heartland, Sarah praises the facility as “very nice” and expresses immense gratitude for the care she receives. Engaging in a variety of activities, Sarah particularly cherishes the opportunity to spend time outdoors. She fondly recalls an occasion when she and fellow residents would gather, attempting to entice passing vehicles, including trucks and cars, to honk their horns. The shared laughter and camaraderie of those moments resonate deeply with Sarah. Actively socializing with others, she takes pleasure in visiting friends in the dining room and common areas. Sarah appreciates the delectable meals provided, finding it impossible to single out a favorite due to the abundance of culinary delights.

Sarah enthusiastically commends the therapy services at Heartland, attributing her remarkable progress to their dedication and personalized approach. She eagerly describes therapy sessions as enjoyable, praising the staff for their ability to infuse fun into the rehabilitation process.

“Therapy is great,” Sarah says. “They make it fun to do therapy.”

This positive atmosphere, combined with Sarah’s unwavering determination, has undoubtedly contributed to her ongoing success and continued improvement.


Sarah Harrison’s remarkable journey at Heartland Country Village exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit. Despite facing significant challenges during her recovery from Covid pneumonia, Sarah’s unwavering determination, coupled with the compassionate care provided at Heartland, has propelled her towards remarkable progress. Through a focused approach to rebuilding strength, embracing her vibrant personality, and engaging in a range of activities, Sarah is steadfastly reclaiming her independence. Her inspiring story serves as a testament to the transformative power of a dedicated rehabilitation

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