From a fall and broken ankle to regaining independence, explore how Cindy exceeded her rehabilitation goals at Friendship Village, setting a record for success and celebrating life anew. Join us in discovering the power of perseverance and personalized care that defines the rehabilitation process at Friendship Village.

Patient Background: Fall and Broken Ankle

Cindy is a vibrant 69-year-old who found herself facing unexpected challenges after a routine trip to the grocery store. In a moment that changed everything, Cindy experienced dizziness and fell which resulted in a broken ankle. She required surgery and was left non-weight bearing on her right leg.

Determined to regain her independence and return home swiftly to her loved ones, Cindy started her rehabilitation journey at Friendship Village in Dayton, Ohio on 11/23/23.

Plan of Care and Rehab Goals

Our dedicated Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) Teams promptly assessed her condition and established goals to restore her to her prior level of function. 

The major obstacle in Cindy’s journey was the daunting sixteen step climb leading to her apartment. This would not be possible for her to do with only her left leg, but Cindy’s determination was unwavering.

Unexpected Setbacks

Cindy’s rehabilitation journey took an unexpected turn during a follow-up appointment with her orthopedic surgeon on December 6th. She experienced an episode of syncope (loss of consciousness), leading to hospitalization for a pacemaker placement.

“Everyone was very friendly and encouraging.”

– Cindy

Despite this setback, Cindy’s positive experience at Friendship Village prompted her return to complete her rehabilitation on 12/11/23.

This time, she was still non-weight bearing and limited to bearing only 10lbs of weight on her left arm due to the recent surgery.

Even though she was facing a more complex recovery path, she remained undeterred. She tackled each therapy session with determination, steadily enhancing her strength and balance each day.

Outcome: Meeting Rehab Goals in Record Time

Cindy’s orthopedic doctor lifted her weight bearing restrictions on 1/3/24. That same day, our PT team began gait training, which is a type of PT that improves walking and standing ability. In just one week, Cindy accomplished what before seemed impossible – ascending and descending the sixteen steps with stand-by assistance, utilizing only one hand on the handrail. She met her goals in record time!

The culmination of Cindy’s rehabilitation journey at Friendship Village resulted in a joyous outcome. On 1/11/24, she triumphantly discharged home, just in time for her 49th anniversary celebration with her husband the next day!

“If I ever need rehab again, I would definitely come back.”

– Cindy

Cindy’s positive experience speaks volumes about the supportive environment and personalized care provided by our dedicated team here at Friendship Village in Dayton, Ohio.

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