­After falling and fracturing his femur, 68-year-old Ronnie faced a challenging road to restoring independence. But with grit and determination, along with an intensive rehab program tailored to his needs, Ronnie was able to reclaim his freedom and return home. His journey exemplifies the incredible impact rehab can have in restoring independence after injury.

Independence Lost After Fall and Facture

68-year-old Ronnie was hospitalized due to a fall that resulted in a left femur fracture. He underwent THA surgery to repair the break via an anterior approach.

After surgery, Ronnie experienced functional declines in transfers, gait, bed mobility and safety.

Despite these setbacks, Ronnie was determined to get as much therapy done as possible to be able to return home.

Restoring Independence through Rehab

Ronnie was admitted to Westmoreland Health and Rehab on 10/27/23. His care team, led by OT Meredith Dixon and PT Ricardo Gutierrez, created a customized therapy plan to help restore his independence.

Ronnie received intensive rehab focused on strengthening, balance, mobility and ADL practice. His motivation was high, and he worked diligently during his sessions.

Independence Restored after Customized Care

After just over two weeks of rehab, Ronnie showed immense improvement. On 11/16/23, he was successfully discharged home.

Upon discharge he required only minimal assistance for all basic ADLs and functional transfers. His strength, mobility and safety have been restored thanks to his hard work and expert care from his therapists. Ronnie’s triumphant return home is a testament to the life-changing impact of rehab.

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